MAJOR GENERAL UDE ASSUMES DUTY IN MNJTF — As Major General Irabor Bids N’Djamena Good Bye

MAJOR GENERAL UDE ASSUMES DUTY IN MNJTF — As Major General Irabor Bids N’Djamena Good Bye

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Major General Chikezie Ude has assumed duty as the new Commander of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF). At a ceremony today at the Headquarters of the MNJTF in N’Djamena, Major General Ude thanked his predecessor for the remarkable achievements recorded during his tenure.

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He also lauded the Executive Secretary of the Lake Chad Basin Commission and Head of Mission MNJTF, His Excellency, Ambassador Mamman Nuhu for supporting the former Commander and stated that he looked forward to enjoying similar support and cooperation during his tour of duty.

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Addressing officers of the MNJTF and staff of the African Union Mission Support Team, General Ude assured that he would continue from where his predecessor stopped and solicited the cooperation of everyone to ensure that the problem of Boko Haram terrorism is eradicated quickly.

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Also speaking at the ceremony, Ambassador Mamman Nuhu noted that General Irabor is a Commander with a remarkable pedigree, noting that he will be missed by everyone. He assured the new Commander that the LCBC will continue to avail the MNJTF the same support that it enjoyed during General Irabor’s tenure.

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Speaking earlier, the former Commander thanked the Ambassador Nuhu for providing the leadership which facilitated the achievements he recorded during his tenure. He also thanked political and military authorities in the countries of the Lake Chad Basin for the support given to the MNJTF. Similarly, he commended Strategic Partners, the United Nations, the African Union, Sector Commanders and personnel of the MNJTF for working harmoniously with him for the good of the Lake Chad Basin. He assured that though he is returning to Abuja, he will remain in touch with the MNJTF and will offer any assistance within the purview of his new deployment.

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