Press Briefing On Caution On Relationship Between Civilians And Military Personnel

Press Briefing On Caution On Relationship Between Civilians And Military Personnel


  1. Good afternoon gentlemen of the Press. You have been invited here today for clarifications on the statement credited to Army about relationship between some civilians and army personnel.
  1. Professionally, it is a command responsibility to caution officers and men on routine basis to conform to the ethics of the military in all ramifications, which includes; interactions and exchange of visits among others. This command responsibility is exercised right from the highest echelon such as the office of the Service Chiefs down to the lowest levels of command.  Hence, the caution from the Army in this case .
  1. Secondly, administratively, officers and men are regularly cautioned to exercise command and control by Appropriate Superior Authorities through commanders at various levels. This is to prevent members of the armed forces from derailing from their core focus of total dedication to their oath of allegiance. Thus, it is a usual practice in military administration.
  1. However, it is pertinent to state that, if there are signs of actions that point to likely breaches of military code of conduct as it were, cautions or warnings are issued with possible investigations following. Thus, in the present situation, the Armed Forces and the Army in particular has employed the due process to ensure that officers and men remain committed to performing their constitutional roles.   As such, the mention of coup plots from some quarters are assertions which are not confirmed.
  1. At this juncture, let me assure all Nigerians and lovers of this country that the Armed Forces, is and will remain totally loyal to the Commander-In-Chief (C-in-C) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and in complete subordination to civil rule. Furthermore, all fears about a coup should be allayed as the contemporary Nigerian Military is abreast with the best international practices in governance, which is democracy.  In this regard, the military high and other levels of command will continue to ensure effective training and administration, to ensure that the Armed Forces of Nigeria, retain its place of pride amongst the military globally.
  1. Thank you and God Bless.


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