The activities of online media, especially issues concerning defence and security, require caution, restraint and most importantly confirmation from the organisation before going to the press.  In as much as freedom of information is one of the elements of democracy and good governance, issues of National security needs to be given special attention which in this case involves investigative journalism.  Professionalism and balancing of stories should be one of the cardinal principles of good journalism, including the online operators.

It’s the same profession that calls for professionalism and balancing of stories in the process of reportage. The military is not in any way trying to stop the reporting of its activities but ethically the media ought to contact the military to confirm their side of the story with a view to achieving fair reportage and credibility.  We all know the power of media for mitigating crisis situation like the one we are having in our country and it should be used as such. Nigeria is our country and we must make it a peaceful place to live .

The media should endeavour to report positively, not only on military, but any other sector in the society, which is considered and perceived to be doing well and working for the growth and upliftment of our dear nation.  We are giving this advice against the backdrop of a recent social media reportage on the Military activities which portrays negativity which we believe it’s not in our own interest to be doing that if truly we love this country for good.  We are not going to blow our trumpet, but the military has been trying in areas of openness, transparency and dissemination of its activities nationwide as against what used to be in the past.  Therefore, our door is opened, round the clock, for enquiries and clarification of any military matters.

All hands should be on deck to bring Nigeria out of its present predicament which the media and other well meaning organisations have good roles to play.  Cooperation and understanding should be the key word in this direction not antagonism, as it does not do anyone any good.


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